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Work Force

After 2 years of being a graduate and 1 year of being completely unemployed (not including internship(s)), I will finally be joining the workforce.

After sending out hundreds of resumés, countless emails, following dozens of networking leads. I got a call from Final Frame Post with the words, “We want you to come work for Final Frame.”

It’s still a little hard to believe, especially considering that immediately after the phone call I was doing pro bono work on an MTV show. And that I’m typing this at my other internship at Sixteen19 in midtown. I don’t think it’s quite sunk in and I don’t know if it will for a while.

The position is for  Night Techician. It’s a new position at a small but growing company. I can’t be too much more descriptive because it was hard for them to even describe what I’ll be doing; I will probably be doing different things every night. The company seems like they’re ahead of the curve, they’re flourishing using primarily Final Cut and they’re the only company in NY other than CBS to own a DigitalVision.

Honestly, this I needed this more than a lot of people know. My mom was recently the victim of corporate cutbacks, which made my dad the only person with a viable income for a family of four. Plus, my sister is still in school and I eat a lot of food. I could feel the fianancial noose tightening around the golden goose, particularly when we stopped springing for Heinz ketchup. I don’t mess with Hunt’s because that sauce ain’t baller to me.

If it wasn’t for the nighttime hours it would basically be a dream job. I should be able to learn a ton of stuff and get my hands on a lot of the technologies that go into finish films and tv shows. Assuming I don’t suck, I should be able to move up to being an online editor/colorist. They make a bunch of money, work with the top producers and directors and see all the right and wrong things on a production; in case there is a desire to become a producer or director.

The late shift might be a blessing in disguise though, as it could expediate a move into NYC. NJ Transit trains don’t run late enough to rely on, Path trains only come as close to my home as Downtown Newark and I don’t own a car. The best solution will be to become a NY resident as soon as possible and if I had normal hours, I would likely hang out in NJ longer than I will in this situation.

It’s all new and happening pretty fast. I honestly don’t know what I’ll have to say about the job, life and my choices in 6 months. But yesterday, I wasn’t sure what I would be doing in 6 weeks and now it seems like I’ll be fine.

And I’ll be dippin’ fries in Heinz all day son!




Funerals Suck

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Grandpa, Maya and I

My grandfather passed away this past weekend. He had been sick for a while now and had been in and out of nursing homes before he was transferred to St. Michael’s Hospital in Newark a week or so before he passed early on Saturday morning.

The worst part is that I didn’t know too much about him, by the time I was old enough to remember my interactions with him he was already quiet, with a distinct weariness in his movements. As he got older and weaker, I learned more and more about how hard he had worked in multiple part time jobs and as a member of the Newark Board of Education to support his family, but I was only 11 or so and didn’t know what hard work, support or family really meant. I now know how important his virtues have been in laying the foundation for the core values that have been passed down to me.

By the time I started to understand, his speech had been severely altered and it was hard for me to imagine him as a strong, young, vital man. Though as I write this, memories of days and nights I spent with him and my grandmother in their East Orange home (now owned by his son and my uncle and where the repass was held) coming  wafting through my thoughts and there is a distinct feeling of respect for his word. A lot of me begrudingly listening when he told me to go to sleep or come in for dinner. I can’t ever remember being mad or spiteful at him though and I think it was because I unconsciously knew his instruction was in my best interests.

Regardless, I will miss him and his presence and he will always be loved.

Ulysses Simpson Graves, Jr.

October 27 1923 – May 30, 2009

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