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Slip on Summer

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Coming early next month, these will be my next purchase and will be beautifully destroyed by the time the Sun dips below the hemisphere for the winter.

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City of Angels

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So I passed out within 3 songs of leaving Huntington Beach and when I awoke I was in Venice looking at the Hollywood sign. We picked up Macs brother Kyle and his friend Addison on our way to Mao’s Kitchen on Melrose. It was very LA as there were about half of the tables that could fit in the room and apparently only had 1 waitress for the entire place. The food was excellent though.

It took us a minute to get to Park La Brea where Maguire was staying at but I was able to recognize that I wasn’t very far from the Fairfax district where all the streetwear shops were located. We were eventually outside of her building and I said my goodbyes.

The first night I met Laura’s friends and quickly learned the deal with LA bars. Basically they’re more established, more expensive frat parties that are strict about their “Who do you know?” and “How many girls?” policies. However, there are alternatives but those alternatives didn’t believe that Maguire was 21 anymore. On our third attempt we made into Winston’s. It was very dark and scattered with the hipsters of the ultimate trend. However, there was pretty good music and it was one of our party’s 21st celebration so we ended up making a night of it. Not to mention packing 7 people into a compact. The night ended with some beerpong back at La Brea, I believe we ended Danies record on his home table.

The next day, Maguire had a meeting with @radical media to work with F Gary Gray on The Brazilian Job. While waiting in her car in a no parking zone I had a front row seat of what a talent casting in LA is and it is Gorgeous. I saw the hottest girl in my life at least 3 times. It even got me out of a ticket when me and the rent a cop shared a lurker stare of one especially beautiful girl. He literally said, “Enjoy the view.” Added comedy was when the lunch truck for the factory behind me was out and there were over a dozen workers basically silent and staring blatantly for about 20 minutes.

When she got out, we drove to the beach in Santa Monica (I think) and I swear I saw this guy ride his bike past me. It’s pretty hard to mistake that face, there’s not a whole lot of make up added. I was absolutely exhausted and proceeded to sleep for like 3 hours on the beach without going in the water. Combined with Chipotle, which is basically Qdoba but better, I felt a little better but was still pretty pooped. Not too much was going on that night so Kyle, Laura and I did a little power hour and passed out.

Since Maguire had to work for a little on Friday, I spent the morning watching the Euro and the afternoon I walked up and down Fairfax. By that I mean I walked like two miles in the opposite direction before I figured I needed to turn around. It was when I got to the Miracle Mile district that I figured it was time to stop at Carl’s Jrs aka Hardees to orient myself. Carl’s is probably the slowest fast food ever, but for some reason they bring your food to the table if you’re staying there. It was after this, probably like my 5 burger in 7 days, that I started to think of diet would be coming up.

Walking in the other direction, I found some store with no name with incredibly expensive (authentic?) jackets and clothes and a dope Supra account. A nice surprise, but nothing I needed to buy. A few blocks down from where I made my original wrong turn I was in the middle of the streetwear district of Fairfax. The new Huf, Freshjive, Supreme, Alife, Hall of Fame, Flight Club, Diamond and some others I don’t know the name of or I’m forgetting were all one after another. I picked up the Hosoi Vans Eras at Supreme and made my way down to Melrose, I actually passed The Hundreds because I couldn’t see it from Fairfax and Rosewood.

On Melrose, I could tell that if I was a baller, I would spend a ton of money here. There were shops everywhere that stocked a lot of high quality clothing. There was also the lower quality shit that is in my closet now. I remember Adidas, DC Shoes, G Star, Sportie LA and I know I’m forgetting a bunch. I was there for two reasons though: The new Bape Location and the Crooks and Castles flagship.

Bape was really cool. The design of the story was really pristine with a rotating display of their footwear in the middle. The staff included a massive doorman (I felt awesome that a man who could throw me with one hand had to open the door for me), an Asian dude with unnecessary Cazals, a Mortal Kombat ponytail and girl troubles was very friendly, not to mention the really hot Asian girl. I would have loved to buy something as Bape’s collection has matured a lot since it’s camouflage days. Unfortunately, T shirts start at about 80 and things go up from there. Sad.

A block or so farther down was the new Crooks and Castles Flagship store. It was pretty chill, designed with black marble everywhere. And oil paintings of classic gun iconography that has become a trademark of the brand. Another nice touch was the jazz music bouncing off the walls. It’s impressive how much detail goes into the design and architecture of streetwear boutiques. Considering how the brands are classified as “low fashion” or subculture, the atmospheres created rival the spaces of those on 5th avenue.

On my way back to meet Laura I stopped by the Rosewood location of the Hundreds. The store was even smaller than it seems on their blog. Benjie Hundreds was behind the counter. I had spent too much money already and nothing jumped out at me, so I just perused and left without geeking out about getting on the Photo Booth or anything. I did see Umi on my way out though.

After Laura serviced her laptop, we stopped at Pinkberry in some outdoor market. Pinkberry is fucking awesome. I got strawberries, bananas and Fruity Pebbles on vanilla. I would choose this over Cold Stone anyday. Also cool, we were sitting right next to Nima from Digital Gravel. Once again, I didn’t get too geeked.

Next stop, was the CVS where we bought way too much booze. I really wish you could but alcohol at pharmacies in Boston or Jersey. Things would be so much easier. We couldn’t find lime for the life of us though. Plans to go to Goa fell through, but we were pretty toasty waiting for Les Deuxs and then the cab ride to some bar that starts with a B. The bar was like part club, part arcade and was full of Asians. It reminded me of Better Luck Tomorrow.

I actually got some pictures this time though…

Clearly, it was a pretty good night.

The following day consisted of rolling off of Kyle’s couch, grabbing my shit (minus my power cord?) and getting into the car headed to Long Beach Airport. Of course we had to stop at In n Out one last time, officially making it the first and last thing I’ve ever eaten in California and I am not to ashamed of that. Long Beach Airport is literally like one building and a system of tunnels. Only in California do you walk outside to get into your plane. A 6 hr flight next to a smelly kid and her father and I was back in the Bean.

It was an incredible trip that I really wish I had more pictures of. I did and saw so much in such a short time and still feel like there was so much else left to do. I’m going to have to find my way back somehow.

Californ I A.


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