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Wait, What?

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I’m a huge fan of mash-up music. Especially rap over anything electronic. For me it takes often boring, monotonous drum beats and injects it with synthetic syncopated energy while still leaving the focus of the lyrics. Honestly, most of the time it doesn’t work out, with the sounds overtaking the song and sonically drowning the rest of the music.

That doesn’t stop me from going on voracious searches for the newest, most dynamic and musically intersting remixes, fixes and mash-ups on the internet. When I saw a friend’s Facebook link to a mash-up ALBUM of The XX and Notorious B.I.G., my brain spazzed out a little bit and I couldn’t click fast enough to listen to The Notorious XX.

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Wait, What? is the artist who blended probably the best rapper of all time with the new ambient-electronic act. The two sounds are polar opposites on the musical spectrum. It’s a must listen just because you can’t even begin to create a preconception.

In the end, it leaves me ambivalent. To me the idea is such an incredible idea that it created an expectation that any music would be hard pressed to live up to. It’s not life-changing but select songs will garner numerous repeats. And those selects may change depending on your mood.

My selections are below but my advice is to listen to the album a few times and make your own.




Night Ride

Sometimes there is nothing more peaceful than a nice drive alone in the middle of the night accompanied by the perfect musical backdrop. As cliché as it sounds, it’s more about the journey than the destination. As much fun as it is to share a car with good friends, it’s almost never quiet and with my friends in particular, the music choice is a coveted honor that is constantly battled over. I took a little solo dolo mission earlier tonight and felt like sharing some of my favorite tracks from the journey.

Mike Posner – You Don’t Have To Leave

Mayer Hawthorne – Make Her Mine

The XX – NIght Time (Perfect title.)

Florence + The Machine – You’ve Got the Love (XX remix)

Vampire Weekend – Giving Up The Gun (Also really good at sunset.)

Bob Marley x MGMT – I Wanna Know Now (Probably my favorite song right now.)

Of all the songs on the playlist, these were the most apropos. These are the ones that will be on repeat as I go to sleep right now.

Good Night,


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