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I Might Need a Tumblr

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To put the random things that I make…

and the amazingly random things I find online. Some you may have seen. Hopefully not all them.




How Is This Not Blackface

Although the song has been out for what seems like forever, I was only able to see the video for the Black Eyed Peas song, “I Gotta Feeling” a few weeks ago. My first reaction was that it looked like alot of fun to shoot. My second reaction came about 3 minutes in when I saw the final setup. Somehow, the directors, producers and talent thought it would be a good idea to paint the eyes and lips of their frontmen in glow in the dark paint and turn off the lights.

I’m pretty sure this is blackface.

That’s not to say that it was a good idea even with the lights on.

Or that he wasn’t shuckin’ and jivin’ before he got the paint out.

It’s sad to see what has become of the Black Eyed Peas since the days of Joints and Jams.

Coonin’ in the club.




So this was my running blog about the Super Bowl commercials. I stopped around half time with this too and I don’t feel like posting the actual videos and making this a super long post, I’m just linking them. All in all, this is a fairly useless post.

Pepsi makes terrible comparisons. This commercial just kind of pissed me off. 

Vroom vroom party starter. I’m pretty excited for Conan to take over the Tonight Show. 

I will be first in line at Fast and Furious and definitely in the theatre for GI Joe.  Probably not Year One or Land of the Lost though. 

I’d rather have an ostrich.

I hate the G commercials. But I can identify almost everyone in them because I watch way too much Sportscenter.

David Abernathy is a beast.

Take these broken wings, shankapotamus.

I want to draw things in life with my finger.

The 3d commercials gave me headache. (Fuck linking them.)

I’ll post my favorites that I may have missed.  

– why’s the first guy on the scene gotta be black?


The commercials were great but the special programs on Sunday were also great. I know a ton of people watched the halftime show because of Bruce Springsteen, but those people missed a much more entertaining show on ABC at the time. There was a special presentation of the show WipeOut, which is basically MXC in America. The main difference is that American producers don’t even pretend to make the course geared towards finishing but showcasing the wipeouts. It’s awesome.

And after the game, The Office put down a great episode. Watch the full thing on Hulu but the cold open is below. They marketed the guest appearances heavy but they did it well enough that I don’t think the show jumped the shark. 

And what’s a Superbowl without a little porn. You stay classy, Arizona.



Season's Screenings

So the holiday season is upon us, which means toys, games and huge, epic blockbuster movies. It’s Oscar season baby. One of the headliners this year is Valkyrie starring Tom Cruise (who is still crazy as hell) directed by Bryan Singer (X-Men, House). It looks awesome:

The funny thing to me is the release date. It’s scheduled for Christmas Day, which only makes me think of something that my Jewish friend told me in high school.

Me: Wait, so what do Jews do on Christmas?

Him: We get Chinese food and go to the movies.

I believe that there is a good amount of truth to this and it’s the definition of irony that a movie about killing Hitler will release on the unofficial Jewish Movie Going holiday. And I would have to assume this isn’t lost on any executives at the company that may be Jewish. 

Sigh, if only I were Jewish and everyday was Christmas, “That is a world that one day I would like to live in”.



The Worlds Greatest

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If you haven’t seen, heard or heard of the recent R. Kelly interview, you are missing out on some classic unintentional comedy. This is the ABC news segment on it and they cut it down to the two best quotes of the interview.

Besides the absolute retardation of his anwsers, the look on the interviewer’s face @ 0:22 when Kells rebuts his question is fucking priceless. It gives strength to the rumor the Robert Kelly is an illiterate idiot savant that just happens to make some of the greatest music you have ever heard. 


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