No More Cake



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This video has been blowing up over the Internet today. I finally got to watch it and it’s pretty incredible. I don’t think the techniques are new but they are really well done. It’s by Patrick Jean of One More Production. Their site has a ton of other really cool videos to check out as well.

Pixel Invasion

This is the kind of stuff I want to do with my life.




Slip on Summer

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Coming early next month, these will be my next purchase and will be beautifully destroyed by the time the Sun dips below the hemisphere for the winter.

Both > Red > Blue



Still Getting Graded

When we made Johnny’s Leaving, we knew that we were going to need a colorist. I had been messing around with Apple Color at work but wasn’t completely sure how to use it. All I knew was that I really wanted to figure it out and this project was a perfect opportunity to do so.

After unsuccessfully looking for someone with any experience at all that was willing to work for us. I made the arrangements with Kali (director) and Paul (executive producer) to borrow a monitor and machine and perform the corrections myself. Having screened the film a few times now and speaking with colorists that have been able to take a look at it, I can safely say that it was one of the most satisyfing learning experiences I’ve had in my life.

Here’s a short reel showcasing some of the color grades performed on the film.

I used the Apple Color program to perform these grades. While it is definitely a powerful program, I really want to get my hands on an AVID Symphony system one day. It was a lot of fun learning and performing these corrections and I look forward to the opportunities to do more work in the future.



VM'Ye 'S

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I will write about the VMAs right after I get over how sick his new/song performance is and the implications of what means for the new album.

Straight Geeked.

Oh and for the super “exclusive”. Heartless is another song allegedly from his next album (which I really hope isn’t actually called Good Ass Job). The video on YouTube is fucking crap quality but its the only thing out there right now.

Kanye is gonna take over the R & B game in 2009.


Updated: A leaked version of Love Lockdown has been released. Click the link to download. While it’s not bad, I definitely prefer the live version for the energy that it encaptures. The hooks are really lacking energy, are a little muffled and just sound wierd. You can hear how the beat escalates as the song moves along and the pain in the lyrics is more evident, which is worth a few listens.Many people believe (hope) that it is not the final version and the CD will have a remastered version that will sound a little better.

They deleted the VMA video from the sites I know how to embed but I was able to find one and decided to make a video for the mixed track I made. It is the leaked version with the live choruses spliced in.

Oh and the title of the Album will be 808s and Heartbreak

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